13 Stunning Alocasia Varieties with Names and Pictures (Elephant Ear)

alocasia longiloba varieties - alocasia varieties with names

For many people, the point of having indoor plants is to give a fresh, tropical feeling to our homes, and few plants bring in a lush rainforest vibe like Alocasia. Alocasias also make fantastic garden plants if you happen to be lucky enough to live in an area where you can grow them (that’s typically … Read more

19 Beautiful Aglaonema Varieties with Names & Pictures

green and white aglaonema - aglaonema varieties with names and pictures

Aglaonema commutatum, or Chinese evergreen, are incredible plants whose leaves are so gorgeous they don’t even need flowers. They do flower in outdoor habitats where they can thrive (that’s Zones 10-12), but they rarely flower indoors and, frankly, nobody really cares. What we’re all here for are the striking and diverse colours and patterns their … Read more

Rose of Jericho – A Complete Guide to Plant Care & Benefits

dried rose of jericho - A Complete Guide to Plant Care & Benefits

The Rose of Jericho is a magical houseplant, not just because it’s literally been used for magical purposes throughout history (a history we’ve written about here), but also because it’s a remarkable plant that’s just about impossible to kill. This article will offer some facts about the Rose of Jericho, walk you through basic Rose … Read more

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