14 Gorgeous Southeastern Native Azaleas and How to Grow Them

pink azalea - native azaleas

Native azaleas are deciduous shrubs belonging to the genus Rhododendron, and are beloved wherever they grow. They are dramatic bloomers whose flowers are as widely known for their fragrance as for their beauty. This post will introduce you to different types of azaleas that are native to the southeastern U.S. Then we’ll explain how to … Ler mais

7 ideias de produtos para vender no...
7 ideias de produtos para vender no seu blog

Burle Marx Philodendron Care [Green Thumb Guide]

burle marx philodendron variegated - burle marx philodendron care

Named for Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, this philodendron is easy to grow and beautiful to keep. Like alocasia and aglaonema, it’s a member of the Araceae family, and shares their long, heart-shaped leaves. Its deep, glossy green keeps even dim indoor spaces looking vibrant and bright. Philodendron Burle Marx is a great plant … Ler mais

Snow Queen vs Marble Queen Pothos: What’s the Difference?

marble queen pothos - snow queen vs marble queen pothos

Looking for new types of pothos to add to your houseplant collection? Smart move. Pothos, or Epipremnum aureum, for our Latin speaking friends, look great and are easy to keep, even for the beginnerest of beginners. To have a thriving indoor plant collection, you needn’t even bother with other, more temperamental kinds of houseplants, really. … Ler mais

Friendship Flower Guide: 20 Best Flowers to Send a Friend

three friends with white flowers - flower friendship guide

Friends do some awfully heavy lifting in our lives, from riding along on our adventures to talking us out of making terrible life choices. Sending flowers can help us show our appreciation for them and express our gratitude for their willingness to put up with our nonsense. Below, we’ll guide you through the best ways … Ler mais

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