Best Flower Vases [Review]

If you love keeping flowers in your home, you know the importance of having a good vase or a variety of vases to put your fresh cut flowers in. In addition to keeping your flowers watered and healthy, vases can also be a valuable part of your home decor. However, with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to try and find the right vase for you and your flowers. There are all sorts of sizes and shapes of vases, and we’re here to help walk you through each of the options and outline which are the best vases for your specific needs. 

Follow along for a rundown of the best flower vases and what each of them brings to the table in terms of functionality and decor.In addition,we’ll also outline some of the criteria that we used to determine which are the best flower vases and how we arrived at our decisions.

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Best Flower Vase Reviews

Best Small Flower Vase

MoonLa Glass Vases Clear Flower Bud Vase

A set of 6 differently shaped clear glass bud vases with no-spill lips and twine wrap. These vases are a simple yet coordinated addition to your floral decor.

Features & Benefits

  • Comes in a set of 6
  • Made of glass
  • Wrapped in twine
  • No-spill lip


  • Allows for versatility in your decor
  • A lot of value for the money
  • Attractive design
  • Twine wrapping is unique


  • Bigger investment than just one vase

Editorial Review

Even if you are just looking for one vase, it’s always nice to have options. That’s exactly what this 6-pack of vases provides. It gives you lots of different options for different flowers, decor schemes, and rooms. If you are looking for a lot of value and don’t mind investing a bit more to get some more great options, then this is the right small flower vase for you. 

The design is appealing and functional, with a simple added element of wrapped twine around each of the vases. One of these is sure to work for you and your home decor as you display your small cut flowers in them and use them to complement your home, bathroom or bedroom decor.

What Others Are Saying

The impression of this product is very positive among past users. Past buyers of this set of vases love that it gives you a lot of options and that you’re not tied down to just one design and one vase. You can put multiple vases together or use one vase for each room. Either way, you have a lot of options and versatility with these vases.

Best Large Flower Vase

Slymeay Flower Vase Large

For larger floral display needs, this vase is an excellent option. Textured glass and a refined shape give this vase a durable, but high-end look.

Features & Benefits

  • Made of glass
  • 10 inches high
  • Textured look


  • Attractive design
  • Made of durable glass
  • Perfect for home decor


  • Can probably only hold 10-20 flowers in a bouquet

Editorial Review

If you are looking for the perfect large flower vase that’s a little bit more high end,this one is a great option. We love the design of this vase more than anything. The textured exterior will pair well with a variety of decor styles in your home and serve as a wonderful centerpiece or decorative accent. It comes 10 inches high,and it’s made by Slymeay with durable glass.

What Others Are Saying

The past buyers of this product mostly love it. The most common praise for this product is the decorative design. While it’s not a huge investment, it definitely looks like a high-end piece of decor, delivering great value to you for a relatively small price.

Many people love to use this vase as a wedding gift or other type of offering to friends and family, but others also use it in their home. The one critical thing people have to say about this large vase is that it can’t hold bouquets of 25-30 large flowers. It does have a capacity, which shouldn’t be a problem for most people.

Best Flower Vase Centerpiece

YILIYAJIA Artificial Rose Bouquets with Ceramics Vase

With an understated white vase and many artificial flowers to choose from, this centerpiece will match almost anyone’s home decor. An easy and elegant alternative to live flowers.

Features & Benefits

  • Flowers made with silk
  • Vase made with ceramic
  • 3-bunch rose
  • 5.5-inch vase height


  • Great for dining room or living room centerpieces
  • Highly decorative
  • Clean, simple, versatile design


  • Vase only comes in white

Editorial Review

If you are looking for that perfect centerpiece to your table or dining room, this vase is a perfect choice. The vase does come with artificial flowers that can be removed. One of the best things that we like about this centerpiece is that it is available with many different flowers. If you are very particular about your centerpiece and you want the flowers to match your home decor, you can select flower color and types that work best for you. 

The vase itself without the flowers is 5.5 inches high and features a piece of tied rope around a plan white vase. If you are looking for something basic, versatile, and attractive, this is an excellent bet.

What Others Are Saying

Past users of this product rave about its versatility and the fact that you can use it in any room. One of the most common praises is that you can buy them in packs to set on a long dinner table and they look much more expensive than they really are. If you want a high-end piece of decor without having to pay too much for it, this is a great option. 

One thing that could be improved on is that they could offer different color vases. Plain white won’t work for everyone, and we would love to see some different color combinations, especially those that complement different flower types.

Best Flower Vase Set

Art & Artifact Set of 5 Petite Glass Bud Vases

This lovely set of 5 coordinating glass vases offer varying shapes, designs and heights. Their no-spill lips make them as practical as they are classic.

Features & Benefits

  • Quantity: 5
  • Height ranges from 2.75” to 3.75” tall
  • Made from glass


  • Pair them together to create new styles
  • Available in multiple colors and designs
  • Versatile for any room or setting


  • They can only hold short flowers

Editorial Review

If you are looking for an adorable set of glass vases to house your small flowers and flower buds, this set is a great option for you. With this set, you can mix and match until you have the right combination. It features many different options to fit with a variety of styles and color schemes. 

Each possible set comes in a set of three and is available in Medium or Mini sizes to suit your needs. We see these vases being very useful on dining room tables, in bathrooms, and even on nightstands. If you want a fun set of vases, these fit the bill!

What Others Are Saying

Overall, the sentiment on this set of vases is pretty positive. People love how cute they are and the fact that they are available in multiple colors to fit any style.

One thing that people want to improve is for the company to offer a large version of these vases because while they are very cute, they can only hold a couple of flowers. This is fine if you want some accent pieces for your home decor, but won’t be suitable for a large bouquet of flowers.

Best Flower Vase for Cemetary Grave

Collections Etc Angel Wings Memorial Vase

Durable and strong, this cemetery vase is made to hold up to the elements and stay beautiful at the graveside. Keep flowers near your departed loved one with this vase.

Features & Benefits

  • 25 inches high
  • Made from resin and iron
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


  • Durable and suitable for the weather
  • Loving message on the front
  • Looks like authentic stone
  • Great way to honor a loved one


  • Message on the front cannot be customized

Editorial Review

Grieving for your loved one often accompanies flowers, but if you want to leave flowers by your loved one’s grave, you will need a suitable and respectable vase to do so. This vase is perfect for leaving to accompany your loved one and watch over them with the wings of an angel. The touching message on the front reminds passersby that your loved one is in your thoughts, and it provides the perfect way to leave flowers at the gravesite. 

You won’t have to worry about this vase being out in the rain and the elements, because it is made of a durable resin that can withstand that sort of weather. This vase should be able to sit at the gravesite for the years to come without being damaged by weather.

What Others Are Saying

Almost everyone who has used this vase has testified that it’s a great vase to leave at the gravesite. The spike that comes with it at the bottom helps it to stay straight up and not tip over in the wind, and the message on the front has struck a tone with many of those who have purchased this vase.

This vase is fantastic, and we would recommend it to anyone who needs to leave flowers at a gravesite. The only thing that we could say would improve it would be if they offered an option to customize the message on the front.

Best Flower Vase with Artificial Flowers

Nearly Natural 1300-WH Large Cymbidium with Vase

Tall and stately, this vase is perfect for spaces that need larger decor pieces. Available with a few options for high-quality, realistic silk flowers.

Features & Benefits

  • Made with glass
  • 34 inches tall and 30 inches wide with flowers
  • Flowers made from silk


  • Available in multiple colors and designs
  • Made from durable glass
  • Authentic-looking flowers made from silk


  • None–if it fits your style, go for it!

Editorial Review

Artificial flowers are the best way to enjoy the look of flowers in your home or apartment without actually having to do the maintenance of keeping them alive. Everyone knows that flowers can be a pain, and this large vase with artificial flowers takes a lot of the work out of displaying beautiful flowers in your home. 

This option comes with two different colors to allow you to choose the best for your personal style and home decor. It stands 34 inches tall with the flowers, commanding plenty of attention and serving as an adequate piece of decor. The thing that we love the most about this vase with artificial flowers is that the flowers look so authentic and high quality compared to other, much lower quality artificial flowers out there.

What Others Are Saying

Almost everyone who has left a review on this product has said that they absolutely love it. Among the most common praise is that the flowers hardly look fake with the silk construction and the vase is simple, beautiful, and versatile. We are confident that you’ll love this option if you are looking for the best vase with artificial flowers included.

Best Flower Vase Buying Guide

If you are going to shop for the best flower vase, there are some considerations that you’re going to want to keep in mind to ensure that you are getting the best option for you. These are some of the factors that we took into consideration when determining the best options, and we recommend that you do the same.


The first consideration is going to be what room you are going to put this vase in. You’ll want to look at the design of the room and make sure that it matches up with your options for vases. Matching design theme should be your first priority.

After that, you are ready to move on to different considerations. If you get a vase that you like, but it doesn’t match your room decor, then it’s time wasted, and you have to start over from scratch to get the best flower vase for you.


What your vase is made of is important. It’s at least important what it looks like it is made of. Determine the right look for you based on what material your vase is. Some vases are made of resin, others are made of glass, and others are made of porcelain.

Which one is best for you will depend on where you are keeping it, as well. If you are keeping it outside, it might be best to get a vase that is made out of resin since it will be exposed to a lot of moisture and weather. If you are getting one for indoors, you can probably opt for glass or another porcelain or ceramic-like material. Always make sure that you get the right material for the purpose of your vase. 

Included Accessories

When you buy a face, there are a couple of different things that could be included. These are things that you’re going to have to decide if they are important to you.

The first of these is any garnishings that come with the vase. Oftentimes, a vase will come with a ribbon, rope, or twine wrapped around the vase to give it a more decorative look. If that is something that is important to you, make sure that you either get a vase that already has it or you get a vase that you can wrap something around yourself. 

The other thing that could come with a vase is artificial flowers. Artificial flowers take a lot of the negatives out of the equation when it comes to having flowers as decoration in your home. If you want some attractive artificial flowers that never die to come along with your vase, make sure to narrow down your search to reflect that. You could also buy a vase and the artificial flowers separately if you so desire.

Bottom Line

Slymeay Flower Vase 

If you are looking for perfect floral home decor, we would recommend the Slymeay Flower Vase to you as the best option for a flower vase for your home.

This large glass flower face would serve well in a variety of functions and can certainly serve as the main piece in your dining room centerpiece or living room coffee table flower vase. It’s made with high-quality glass and features an intriguing decorative design.

You can put your medium-sized bouquets in this vase or put artificial flowers in it as well. Either way, this vase is certainly the top choice when it comes to decorative flower vases.

Image credit: Pixabay

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