9 Best Flower Arrangement Tools [Review & Buying Guide]

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In the very competitive world of flower arrangements and floral sales, your equipment can be the most valuable asset that you have. Generally, you need a few different pieces of equipment depending on how serious of a florist you are and what volumes you are working with when it comes to flowers. If you’re just … Read more

Best Flower Soil Reviews


Choosing the best flower soil for your flowers isn’t rocket science, but it does involve knowing a bit about your options. It’s important to pick the right soil, of course, because many of our most beloved plants are particular about their living conditions. It’s also important because soil is (contrary to what we might reasonably … Read more

5 Best Edens Garden Essential Oils Review & Buying Guide

homemade essential oils in clear bottles - 5 best edens garden essential oils review

Essential oils are a booming industry, with an incredible variety of oils available from an incredible variety of producers. We’ve waded through the choices to give you some of the best options from a manufacturer we think you can get behind. In general, Edens Garden is a company we can all feel good about supporting. … Read more

Best Plant Pots [Review]

succulent in pot - best plant pots review

If your flowers are the stars of the show, your pots are surely the supporting actors. The right pots can add balance, contrast and colour, drama, height, weight and contour. They protect your plants and give them an optimal home. They beautify your home and garden, and the perfect pots add instant charm to any … Read more

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