Florist Training Options Other than School

When most people think about entering a profession, school is the first thing that comes to mind. Luckily, for those who don’t like school or are unable to attend school, floristry is one career you can enter whether you gain a formal education or not. It’s one of the few design jobs that don’t require some sort of schooling or formal training.

Since floristry is such a hands-on job, even those who do schooling need to build up their work experience before they have the skills to open up their own shop or move up to higher positions.

In floristry, some employers don’t place as much importance on education as work experience because they want employees who have current, practical skills that can be effectively used in the workplace whereas schools have been known to teach methods that are outdated or otherwise not practical in a busy work environment in which decisions regularly need to be made to cut costs.

You can gain florist training by working at places such as, retail flower shops, grocery stores or floral outlets. Entry-level florist jobs pay around minimum wage and you may just start off working the cash or doing deliveries, but experience builds up as you learn how to make flower arrangements, gain knowledge about flowers and how to care for them, working your way towards becoming a florist!

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