Floral Arrangement Ideas

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The floral arrangements that you choose for your wedding or special occasion can complement the overall event theme or serve as statement pieces themselves. Whether your style is simple or elegant, dramatic or romantic, these floral arrangement ideas can help you and your florist create living masterpieces for your next event.

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Simple, rustic and country charm

If you love the country life, a simple, rustic or country-style floral arrangement is for you.  Many country-style arrangements rely upon unusual containers as the decorative accent. Old galvanized watering cans make fabulous vases, and you or your florist can pick them up for a song at flea markets, yard sales and charitable shops. Other creative ideas for country-style floral arrangements include:

Spring style – Use cheerful pink tulips in various hues and pear blossom sprays in tall, simple glass vases. Tie a raffia or gingham ribbon around the vase. You can use the tulip and ribbon colors to match or complement the decor of your event.

Cowboy fun – Who said that boots are made for walking? Old cowboy boots, purchased at thrift shops or resale shops, can be fitted with a simple plastic or glass vase slipped inside to hold water. Arrange daisies, ferns, poppies and other wildflower-type greenery and flowers inside the vase for an unusual rustic arrangement.

Autumn splendor – Sunflowers are a perennial favorite for rustic or country-themed floral arrangements. A simple arrangement of large sunflowers is gorgeous, but sunflowers can be found in more than lemony-yellow hues. Add smaller flowers or red, orange or other colored sunflowers to the mixture. Accent with ornamental grasses or dried branches.

Dramatic and statement floral arrangements

Drama is achieved by the unexpected. Arrangements made with bold, startling colors, exotic flowers or the unexpected architectural twist of tree branches may be perfect for someone with a flair for the dramatic. If creating dramatic arrangements, keep the container simple so it doesn’t compete with the floral arrangement design.

Think height – Many dramatic arrangements rely upon height to achieve their effect. Many tall-stemmed flowers can be used in a cylindrical vase, for example, to accent the height of an arrangement.

Monochromatic arrangements –  Monochromatic arrangements use one color, with perhaps light tints or shades of the same color, to make a dramatic statement. White and pale pink roses, white orchids and white hydrangeas create a dramatic effect in a wedding floral arrangement, for example. Shades of yellow, pink, blue or white may be the easiest for your florist to work with since these colors are common among flowers suitable for arrangements.

Exotic flowers – Orchids, Bird of Paradise and other similar exotic flowers are by their very nature dramatic. Be careful not to overdo the exotic flowers or they can easily overpower the arrangement and make it look chaotic rather than awe-inspiring. Accenting the exotics with more prosaic filler greens and flowers enhances the beauty of the focal point flowers.

Living centerpieces and arrangements

For brides or others who prefer a green, sustainable approach to flower arrangements, consider an arrangement made from live plants. Such arrangements can also double as party favors. Invite guests to take home a plant from the centerpiece and you have instant party favors!

St. Patrick’s Day Arrangement – Small pots of shamrock plants can be arranged inside a basket or bowl. Use moss to cover the top of the arrangement, and add ribbons around each pot to commemorate the day.

African violet centerpiece – African violet colors include white, pink, lavender, and dark red or burgundy and purple flowers. If these complement your wedding colors, consider several pots of violets arranged inside a rustic basket as a table centerpiece.

Country charm – Who said muffin tins belong in the kitchen? Scour flea markets, yard sales and thrift shops for battered muffin tins and cake pans. Use these as centerpiece holders and arrange your favorite small potted plants inside, using stones or moss to hide the pots. Instant centerpiece!

Your florist may have other ideas for beautiful flower arrangements and centerpieces. Most florists keep a portfolio of their work handy, and browsing through photos of previously designed centerpieces can act as a springboard for your creativity. No matter what your style or budget, you can find creative floral arrangements to make your special occasion perfect.

by Jeanne Grunert

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