How to Get the Best Value From Your Florist

There are many things that are easier and better to do online. Buy tickets to events, book a vacation, order out, find better prices on the things you use every day – online ordering has helped us simplify tasks that used to take much more time and energy. It’s not, however, the best way to approach buying flowers.

As a gift, flower bouquets can say many things. And while it’s said that it’s the thought that counts, it can be obvious when no thought has gone into choosing that bouquet. It’s easy for people to hit a few clicks on their computer or their smartphone and have a generic bouquet of flowers wing its way to a recipient faster than you can say “carnation,” but you get the best gifts and the best value from your florist.

Here’s why it’s a hundred times better to be in contact with your florist directly. Not only will you be able to avoid any hefty third party fees and therefore get more “bang for your buck,” but you can get exactly what you want and have the option to tailor your bouquet to the person who is going to receive them.  

A florist has years of experience in knowing what people want and, more importantly, knowing what questions to ask you when you order. You just won’t get this kind of service through your laptop! A good florist will ask about the personality of the recipient, what occasion the gift is for, what colour scheme they have in their home and what type of flowers they like or dislike. They’ll also be better able to work to a budget of your choice.

Once you have found a great local florist, it can be the start of a great working relationship that spans many years. It’s like the relationship you have with a hairdresser. They get to know you and how you like your hair, but they also get to know a bit about your tastes in general, your personality, your life and your family.

The same is true for your florist. They will usually see you when it’s an occasion in your life: a wedding, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a funeral or even when you just want to say thank you. Through that contact, they will get to know many aspects of your life and personality, including what kinds of flowers you like to send and to whom.

Because of that, it makes sense to use someone who knows a little bit about you; someone who can determine the personality of the person you are giving the gift to, as well as pick flowers that reflect your own personality.

Bearing all this in mind, why wouldn’t you use the florist on your high street? So use a directory or a search engine to find a florist is close to you and get in touch with them. Here’s to the beginning of a wonderful, and hopefully long lasting, relationship! 

featured image: Dominika Roseclay

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