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Questions to Ask Florist School Staff and Students

Research is the key to making a good education decision. Whether you’re just taking a few floristry courses or want to train as a professional florist, you’ll want to research the schools and ask a few questions to ensure you’re making the right decision.

Researching Schools and Asking Questions

Start your research by going through the school’s marketing materials (website, brochures, etc.) and jot down any questions that come to you as you’re reading through the literature and thinking about your own individual needs. Refer to the list below for some sample questions.

It’s always best to make inquiries in person, so make an appointment and head out to the school if you can. Try to show up during class time so you get to see what the school is like in operation. If you’re not able to attend in person, ask your questions over the phone. Email is the least desirable option since emails often get lost or go unanswered.

When asking questions be mindful of the staff’s time. Since you’re a potential student they should take the time to answer your questions, but there are limits to the amount you can ask of them.

Sample Questions for School Staff

  • Tell me about your program and school?
  • How much experience do the teachers have?
  • What is the student-to-teacher ratio? How large are the classes?
  • Can I fast track or extend the program timetable to suit my needs?
  • Does your school offer work experience opportunities?
  • Are flowers and materials provided?
  • Does your school host information sessions?
  • Do you offer apprenticeships (or traineeships)?
  • How is the course taught? How much of it is practical and how much of it is theory?
  • Do you know approximately what percentage of graduates from your school end up working in floristry?
  • Do you provide financial aid of any kind?
  • Does your school assist students in finding work?
  • Are there opportunities to visit flower growers, wholesalers, nurseries, industry groups and trade shows?
  • Do you have guest demonstrators and speakers?
  • Does your school have a nursery?
  • How is the course assessed?
  • How does one progress through courses? (if they offer multiple courses)
  • Are there any entry requirements?
  • Will I earn a diploma or certificate of any kind?

Sample Questions for Students

It’s also wise to ask the school staff for student references (either current or former students). You can then contact them and ask either the same questions you asked the school staff to get a different perspective or different ones that are specific to the student’s experience. Here are some questions you could ask:

  • Do you feel you’ve learned enough from the course to competently work as a florist?
  • How well-rounded is the curriculum?
  • What was your experience with the teachers? (were they good at demonstrating, did they take their time, etc.)
  • Were the school facilities and materials adequate?
  • Did you enjoy taking the course?

By asking these questions, you’re sure to learn a lot about what’s working for the school and what potential issues you may want to be aware of.

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