How Is Over-Irrigation Damaging to Soil?

sunflowers in watering can - how is over-irrigation damaging to the soil

The damage over-irrigation does to plants might be relatively easy to notice. The soil, however, suffers severely from overwatering too. Soil contains various substances including organic matter, minerals, water, and air. These substances are typically present in fairly constant percentages. While water is naturally in soil, it is normally present in limited amounts. Even when … Read more How Is Over-Irrigation Damaging to Soil?

Best Flower Soil Reviews


Choosing the best flower soil for your flowers isn’t rocket science, but it does involve knowing a bit about your options. It’s important to pick the right soil, of course, because many of our most beloved plants are particular about their living conditions. It’s also important because soil is (contrary to what we might reasonably … Read more Best Flower Soil Reviews

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