3 Floral Design Techniques for Everyday Use

flower arrangement outside on bench - 3 floral design techniques for everyday use

In flower arranging, as in all art, technique is everything. Even for those of us who do not quiiiite think of ourselves as floral artists, knowing just a few basic techniques can help us do one better than mashing flowers into a vase and hoping they look alright. In that spirit, here are three essential … Read more 3 Floral Design Techniques for Everyday Use

Best Flower Arranging Supplies [Review]

florist supplies - best flower arranging supplies review

As a florist, you are an artist that works with flowers to create visually appealing arrangements that please people and brighten their day. However, it can be hard to master your craft with inadequate equipment or knowledge of how to choose the best tools to use when flower arranging. In this guide we present you with the … Read more Best Flower Arranging Supplies [Review]

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