Friendship Flower Guide: 20 Best Flowers to Send a Friend

three friends with white flowers - flower friendship guide

Friends do some awfully heavy lifting in our lives, from riding along on our adventures to talking us out of making terrible life choices. Sending flowers can help us show our appreciation for them and express our gratitude for their willingness to put up with our nonsense. Below, we’ll guide you through the best ways … Read more

Daffodil Symbolism

white and yellow daffodil - daffodil symbolism

Daffodils (Narcissus) are one of the most beloved flowers of spring. A sign that winter is finally, blessedly retreating, this little flower is easy to get emotionally and aesthetically attached to. There’s more to this flower than its cheery face, though. Daffodil symbolism also has a rich and interesting history, especially in the west of … Read more

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